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Wool Carpet Features

1. Due to the physical tissue of its wool hair, it includes air between cells up to 60%.. Between the hairs is filled with air. These parts with air procure the wool with an upper level of insolence. Likewise in a survey carried out, the heat dissipation in a room without a wool carpet is 15% higher than a room with a wool carpet.

2. People working on foot get less tired in a place where there is a wool carpet. Because it is antistatic.

3. Since wool carpets transmit the ultra‐viole rays, it prevents the reproduction of the harmful bacteria on the wool carpets.

4. The ignition speed of wool carpets when faced with a fire is much less than the other carpets. ( acrylic, polypropylene and the others). For this reason it is a kind of guarantee against flaming up.

5. Wool carpet decreases the air pollution in closed areas by absorbing the sulfur dioxide gas which is harmful for the human health.

6. The touch of the wool has moisture absorbing knots. For this reason, wool absorbs the moisture in the air in a short time. But it gives out gradually the moisture it has taken to the air when the environment gets dry. Therefore wool carpets behave as if a regulator by preventing the air to an extent in where they are laid out.

7. Wool hairs are very enduring. For this reason wool carpets are very robust.

8. Carpets made from wool catch less dust than the others.



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