Teklif Al


To manufacture carpets that conform to international quality standards to the satisfaction of our customers.


To become a world‐class company in carpet manufacturing by offering perfect carpet manufacture and high quality services at home and abroad, adapting quickly to new technological developments whilst also being a trendsetter in this respect, giving highest priority to the satisfaction of users and employees, and becoming the first choice for business partners at home and abroad.

To be a wanted organization in the sector; HASKUL HALI Quality Policy.

The quality management of HASKUL HALI involves monitoring developments in our market segment precisely so as to be able to maintain our position in an increasingly competitive environment, always fulfilling the expectations of our customers, constantly monitoring and improving our manufacturing processes, establishing cost‐effective production standards, increasing the quality of our staff through training and improvements to the working environment, determining responsibilities for all parties involved, constantly monitoring adherence to these and constantly developing them further, and, by so doing, becoming a sought‐after partner in our market segment.


As an ecologically responsible company, HASKUL HALI considers itself obliged to minimise the negative effects of its activities on the environment and to constantly improve its environmental balance sheet, adhere to all statutory requirements and guidelines, reduce consumption of natural resources and keep production waste as low as possible, make its staff aware of environmental aspects through training and motivate them to take part in voluntary environmental activities, raise the environmental awareness of its customers, subcontractors and suppliers as well as of all persons within its operating radius, and motivate them to take part in voluntary environmental activities, and always take account of the environmental factor when planning new projects.


1. Haskul Halı accepts as a policy to comply with the Turkish legislation and international (ILO) Labor Organization Health and Safety requirements on Occupational Health and Safety.
2. All workers are a part of the maintenance and development of the standards to be provided. It is one of the main duties of the workers not to endanger the health and safety of themselves, their friends and third parties.
3. Worker representatives play a participatory role by bringing their views on safety and health to the agenda in the Occupational Health and Safety Board meetings.
4. Managers make sure that the workers under their management have adequate training, know the health and safety rules and work in accordance with these rules and pay special attention to the follow-up of this issue. Managers set a good example with their personal attitude during their management for the effective implementation and dissemination of the policy.
5. This policy has been created to minimize accidents and occupational diseases and damages and to create a healthy and safe working environment. The effectiveness of this will emerge when each individual holds himself personally responsible and will be successful by working together.


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